Prop Shop & Curiosity Cabinet

Parke Meek and Susan Lieberman, 1974. Photo credit Charles Eames.

About jAdis

In answer to the #1 question about jAdis;
” What IS it?”
Parke Meek would reply:”When you figure it out, let me know.”

It is both a room and an idea;
It is the reflection of one couple’s appreciation
of the way things worked, before the world was digitized.

jAdis is an appreciation of thinking and doing.
On our shelves are touches of mankind’s genius;
perhaps manifested in a 19th century microscope
perhaps present as a WWII Army Air Corps Sextant…
you just never know, at jAdis.

In truth, the place defies definition.
Part museum, part curiosity shop – Jadis represents a lifelong interest in technologies
and their evolution in the pre-computer era.

Collections of early optics, photographica, electrical and scientific advancements,
live beside aviation and planetary models, steampunk widgets and gears -
accumulations which serve both as illustrations of history and to amuse.